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I am a sex, love, and relationship coach. I help people connect deeply to themselves and their partners, while exploring relationships that don’t fit in the box. This is my mission in life because I am changing the social narrative on what a relationship is “supposed” to be.

It makes me absolutely devastated that so many couples aren’t connecting at their deepest level. They are hiding parts of themselves; their deepest desires, their sexual fantasies, the things they think their partner won’t accept about them.  I know what that feels like because I used to be disconnected from my true, sexual self. I felt hollow inside, trapped, and felt like something essential was missing in my life.

I read tips and tricks in magazines for how to have the best sex, how to keep the spark alive, how to “feel closer to your man!” but it didn’t work, and I judged myself. I thought there was something wrong with me. I was “supposed” to be content with my “one and only” forever and ever! Well, I then decided to share my desires with my partner, and we explored what it means to be deeply in love-but not necessarily monogamous!

Since then, I have explored my body, mind and sexuality. We have navigated the ups and downs that come with breaking down our social conditioning, diving deep into the roots of jealousy, and creating super open communication.  I completed a top-notch sex coaching certification, practice Tantric and Taoist sex practices, and even guide folks with some really kick-ass group sex choreography!

With practice and patience, I have found deep connection, profound love, adventurous sex, and healing transformation.

 Amazing pleasure, orgasms, freedom, expression, and a vibrant relationship with yourself and your partners await.




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In my work as a coach, I see people who lack sexual confidence and empowerment, have beliefs dominated by social conditioning about what a relationship “should” look like, and have fear and shame around their true desires.

That’s all BS – this is not our true and authentic way to live as loving, sexual beings!

With practical and powerful tools and practices, I help my clients gain clarity on their desires and find the safety, security, and confidence to share that with their partners.

When you partner with me in coaching, we work together to build a relationship that feels so deeply loving and connected, while you explore what non-monogamy means for you.  We will work to clear jealousies and insecurities while supporting the inner structures in your psyche, body and emotions so that you can thrive in your sexuality and love.

I offer coaching packages from a minimum of 3 sessions and you can work with me from anywhere in the world. Our sessions are online via video meetings which allows you to be in the safety and comfort of your home and bedroom.

I take you through mind provoking coaching conversations, guide you through emotional liberation practices and tailor homework practices that support your connections and sexual growth.




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Integrative Breathwork with me will help you move emotions, upgrade your beliefs, unleash creativity and get deep into your body.

This is a system of breathing practices that restores your self-awareness, love and compassion. By working with me you will discover breathing techniques that will have an immediate effect on your well being, and can be incorporated instantly into your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself, and therefore with the world around you

Integrative Breathwork is an active meditation and a transformational self-healing practice.

Lying down, you sustain an active breathing pattern that gently oxygenates your body. The increased oxygen naturally quiets the mind and releases mood boosting endorphins, similar to vigorous exercise.

As the mind quiets, the body begins to open, and you can physically release pent-up stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and self-doubt from your nervous system. This is far more effective than attempting to change these emotional experiences with your mind.

With these old, stuck emotional energies released, you create space to experience more of your true self and your vibrant, life-force energy flowing through and animating your body.

You begin to come fully alive - again or maybe for the first time in your life.