Hey! I’m Ellecia, Your guide to the adventure of a lifetime… an open relationship.


My Beliefs

  • I believe sex is good for the soul.

  • I believe monogamy should be a choice rather than a default.

  • I believe relationships should make you a better person through communication, connection, and compassion.

  • I believe it is imperative to heal your childhood wounds.

  • I believe in magic, especially sex magic.

  • I believe we should design the relationships we want, rather than conforming to what society expects from us.

  • I believe “family” can look however you want it to.

  • I believe we have an unlimited capacity for love.

  • I believe that my choice to be non-monogamous in my relationships means I have to hold myself to a higher standard.

  • I believe that my children benefit from seeing healthy, loving relationships modeled for them daily.

  • I believe that you can stay deeply connected, secure, and in love while experiencing and exploring an open relationship.

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 Who I Am

I am a sex, love, and relationship coach. I help people connect deeply to themselves and their partners, while exploring relationships that don’t fit in the box. This is my mission in life because I am changing the social narrative on what a relationship is “supposed” to be.


It makes me absolutely devastated that so many couples aren’t connecting at their deepest level. They are hiding parts of themselves; their deepest desires, their sexual fantasies, the things they think their partner won’t accept about them.  I know what that feels like because I used to be disconnected from my true, sexual self. I felt hollow inside, trapped, and felt like something essential was missing in my life.

I read tips and tricks in magazines for how to have the best sex, how to keep the spark alive, how to “feel closer to your man!” but it didn’t work, and I judged myself. I thought there was something wrong with me. I was “supposed” to be content with my “one and only” forever and ever! Well, I then decided to share my desires with my partner, and we explored what it means to be deeply in love-but not necessarily monogamous!

Since then, I have explored my body, mind and sexuality. We have navigated the ups and downs that come with breaking down our social conditioning, diving deep into the roots of jealousy, and creating super open communication.  I completed a top-notch sex coaching certification, practice Tantric and Taoist sex practices, and even guide folks with some really kick-ass group sex choreography!

With practice and patience, I have found deep connection, profound love, adventurous sex, and healing transformation.

 Amazing pleasure, orgasms, freedom, expression, and a vibrant relationship with yourself and your partners await.



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